The Spanish Chair

Deep red edition 

For the first time ever, The Spanish Chair – crafted in Deep Red saddle leather. The chair is one of Børge Mogensen’s most celebrated designs and the Deep Red Special Edition is only available in 2020.

We asked Abi Dare to capture a few pictures to showcase the color and details of the special edition. 

Abi Dare is a UK based blogger, stylist, and photographer and has been running the blog, These Four Walls, since 2014. Her focus lies in sharing tips and inspiration within the field of interior design. Abi is a strong advocate of slow and considered design and is keen to inspire longevity and timeless design within the home.


"A sophisticated splash of colour without
overwhelming the scheme as a whole."

Abi Dare

Abi has managed to showcase The Spanish Chair in deep red in a homey setting, creating a touch of color to the minimalistic interior. 

Originally designed in 1958, The Spanish Chair has been manufactured by Fredericia ever since. It’s an iconic piece reflecting Mogensen’s unique angle on modernity. Abi has managed to capture The Spanish Chair's bold lines, its signature closures in the back and wide armrests - perfect for a cup of coffee.

Our choice of red is a warm, rich hue with just a hint of brown, echoing an earthiness which Børge Mogensen sought to signal in all of his designs. Red is rooted in our archives and has always been part of Mogensen’s repertoire, as well as our own. Given the timeless appeal of Deep Red, both chairs build on Mogensen’s belief that good furniture should be enjoyed now and for generations to come.


"It’s eye-catching yet timeless,
and also surprisingly versatile"

Abi Dare

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