Wegner Ox Table

Design: Hans J. Wegner, 1960

The iconic Ox and Queen Chair get company - Hans J. Wegner's Ox Table from 1960 is relaunched in several sizes

Imagined and designed as a sophisticated couple, Hans J. Wegner's Ox Chair and Queen Chair form pairs, while Ox Table naturally ties the series together. Fredericia Furniture is now relaunching the associated table in several new sizes. A classic Wegner piece of furniture in a simple design.

The innovative series was drawn in 1960 and launched the same year during the Furniture Fair in Fredericia city, with Ox Table being the centerpiece. An elegant and streamlined round table that adds a lightness to the chairs.

As much passion and thought are behind Wegner's chairs, just as in-depth work is put into the tables, he designs to complement his furniture. The focus is on construction and function in the desire to create a natural lightness, which is also seen at Ox Table with the self-supporting construction completed through a design without any side rails.

The relaunch of Ox Table is realized through close collaboration with Hans J. Wegner's daughter, architect Marianne Wegner. She worked for several decades in her father's studio, bringing a unique and incomparable insight into Wegner's design and way of thinking.

The original Ox Table launched in 1960 had a format of Ø150, but in addition, Ø120, Ø100, and Ø80 made of oak or walnut with stainless steel legs are also launched. The table will be available in two heights, making it possible to place several tables together.

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