A graceful sibling to the Yksi Chair

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Following in the footsteps of the launch of the Yksi Chair, the Yksi Stool echoes the same graceful simplicity and light appearance crafted in oak.

Yksi is the Finnish word for “one” by the Danish / Finnish duo behind the design, Thau & Kallio. The construction features the pairing of solid wood legs on either side forming a Y-shape support that’s upside-down. Giving the stool a distinctive appearance that’s sturdy and at the same time light - both visually and in terms of weight. The soft curve of the seat is ergonomically designed to be minimal but with maximum comfort. Available in oak with an oak plywood top or upholstered.

“We drew on the most basic elements that comprise a classic stool and added the innate appeal of wood that’s meticulously crafted to perfection.” - Thau & Kallio

Think any type of kitchen in a private home, restaurants, bars, corporate dining halls or retail settings. The premium wood, meticulous craftsmanship and clean lines make the Yksi Stool a welcome addition to any modern dining milieu.