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Haiku - Harald 212 / Sonar 112

    Model 1633 - By GamFratesi


    Haiku - 3-seater

    The Haiku Sofa is designed with just a few lines to convey an open, yet encompassing feeling. The clear outline of the outer shell is juxtaposed against the soft interior, providing an intimate sense of acoustic and visual privacy. To highlight the contrast between the outer shell and the interior, a wide variety of fabrics can be mixed or matched. The voluminous body is contrasted by slender legs, giving the impression that the sofa is almost hovering above the ground.

    The Haiku Sofa comes in different variations with a wide variety of materials and sizes.

    Meet the designer

    Danish-Italian design duo GamFratesi is quickly becoming a rising star in the design world with their poetically organic, yet defined, style that bridges northern and southern design culture. Contrasts are the central source of their inspiration and together with Fredericia they balance tradition with the unexpected.
    Danish-italien design duo GamFratesi
    Danish-italien design duo GamFratesi


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    Here you can access and download all project files and assets.

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