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Breathing new life into textile waste

We proudly present Ribbon - a new upholstery option made from textile leftovers, created in close collaboration with the Danish design studio Sheworks Atelier. This textile challenges the way you choose upholstery - crafted from leftover scraps, each colour tone and texture might vary. Nevertheless, we have created an aesthetically appealing design product that will appear as a whole unity when put together.

With Ribbon, we use textile leftovers from our furniture production in Denmark and turn them into bespoke design products while minimising the environmental impact. Together with Sheworks, we have created a unique textile especially developed for use on the Søborg Chair by Børge Mogensen.

For this project, we have integrated our circular approach to design and textiles with the rich history of Fredericia, their love for craft and their architectural elegance. We are bringing a new dimension to an iconic chair.

Solveig Søndergaard, CEO & Creative Direction, Sheworks Atelier

A collaboration providing both environmental and social impact

Sheworks Atelier, a Danish textile design studio founded by Martha Von Guenther and Solveig Berg Søndergaard, specialises in circular design by repurposing textiles into customised design products with a strong emphasis on aesthetics. Additionally, they have a significant social mission: Employing women on the outskirts of the labour market and providing training in their Kolding studio. 

The close collaboration between Fredericia’s upholstery experts and Sheworks' skilled seamstresses has ensured the creation of a product that is not only visually pleasing but also long-lasting, meeting the essential criteria for high-quality upholstery textiles. 

Visit Sheworks Atelier
Visit Sheworks Atelier

Reducing the CO2e footprint by 50%

By opting for Ribbon textile, the overall environmental impact of the Søborg Chair is significantly reduced, dropping its carbon footprint up to 50%.

A traditional Mogensen Søborg Chair (model 3062) upholstered in Hallingdal fabric is estimated to have a carbon footprint of 80 kg CO2e, whereas using Ribbon instead reduces it to 40 kg CO2e. While upcycling or repurposing textiles already has positive effects on the environment, especially in decreasing chemical and water usage in the textile industry, discovering that it can result in a reduction up to 50% in CO2e emissions is a game changer.

Using 30 kgs of textile waste, we create 50 front-upholstered Søborg chairs.  Ribbon Textile is not just a design; it is an excellent way of transforming textile scraps into valuable designs.

To be truly sustainable, we must embrace imperfections

With Ribbon, we have crafted a textile utilising scraps, leading to potential variations in colour tones and textures. Nevertheless, we have created an aesthetically appealing design product that will appear as a whole unity when put together. Each colourway encompasses shades ranging from light to dark, and the upholstery patterns may differ on the chair. Additionally, the textile compositions vary; some may be wool, while others could be cotton, polyester, or other soft blends. 

Three colourways are available for the Søborg Chair in Ribbon textile: Sand, Cool grey and Blue notes.  

Blue notes


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