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Visiting the minimalistic home of Karin and Jørgen Gammelgaard

Located in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, beneath the ridge of the roof, you’ll discover the serene and light-filled home of the late designer Jørgen Gammelgaard and his skilled weaver wife, Karin Gammelgaard. The white walls establish the backdrop for a tranquil space, emphasising their shared appreciation for minimalistic interior and delicately crafted details. 

During the period between Danish Modern and the resurgence of Scandinavian design, Jørgen Gammelgaard refined his craft and gained recognition as a talented designer and professor at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. His award-winning work reflects a simple, refined approach to design and offers a fresh perspective on minimalism. This ethos is clearly evident in the Gammelgaard residence, prominently featuring Jørgen’s furniture designs and Karin’s wooden looms, seamlessly merging home, design studio, and Karin's weaving workshop.

Subtle traces of Jørgen and Karin’s years in Samoa permeate the home through the use of native materials and references, such as the large photograph displayed in the kitchen of native Samoans, captured by Jørgen himself. The Polynesian island nation gained independence in 1962, and from 1965 to 1967, Gammelgaard was seconded by the UN to Western Samoa, where he taught the local community the art of furniture carpentry and drawing. This initiative aimed to equip the indigenous population with new skills to create export opportunities for the newly independent country. Following their time in Samoa, they journeyed to Sri Lanka and Sudan. 

The designs in their home prominently feature w
arm wood and metal as favoured materials, all crafted in a minimalistic manner yet infused with character and innovative solutions upon closer inspection. The home has served dual roles as both a studio and later a weaving workshop for the couple, seamlessly integrating with Gammelgaard's own designs and carefully selected furniture and objects. Among these are the colourful stools by Ole Schjøll, a former classmate of Jørgen's at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, and Danish/Japanese Akiko Ken Made. The spaces are adorned with several of Jørgen’s prototypes, including the elegant JG Folding Stool from 1970, the JG Table from 1974, the JG Sofa from 1979, and an early JG coffee table from 1963 crafted in red ABS plastic, a material particularly experimented with by Italian designers during that era.

Reintroducing the JG Coffee Table

Commencing in 1962 and introduced in 1973, Gammelgaard dedicated more than a decade to perfecting this elegant low table in glass, embodying sculptural elegance and simplicity - a testament to his distinguished minimalist aesthetic. The transparent glass surface illuminates the base's interesting and logical construction, creating a contrasting effect between lightness and solidity. 

Fredericia reintroduces this magnificent piece of furniture, capable of adding a luxurious feel to any space. The JG Coffee Table is handcrafted in Denmark, made of brushed bent aluminium and tempered glass, coming together as an interesting sculpture. 

Explore the new coffee table
Explore the new coffee table

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