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We carefully select the finest materials to preserve the beauty of our furniture over time, even when used daily. With diligent care, you can ensure your furniture lasts for generations. Our comprehensive Care & Maintenance guide provides you with the necessary knowledge and insights to care for your Fredericia pieces, ensuring they remain a testament to quality craftsmanship.

In addition to our guide, we offer a carefully curated care kit containing ready-to-use treatments for oil-treated wood, soap-treated wood, and oak light oil finishes.

To purchase our Care Kit, please reach out to your local dealer.

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Wooden Surfaces

Most of our furniture at Fredericia is crafted from wood, a material appreciated for its inherent beauty and ability to age with grace over time.

Wood is an essential component of the world's ecosystems, and we view it as our responsibility to ensure that our use of wood combines functional design with respect for the environment.

Mogensen J39 Chair


Oil Treated Surfaces


Leather is an animal product, which we treat with the utmost respect.

We have our own Fredericia Leather Collection, comprised of a careful selection of the finest furniture leathers on the market chosen for their high calibre. Genuine, premium leather that will age with beauty and grace.

Wegner Ox Chair


Webbing, wicker & canvas

We take great pride in crafting furniture using high-quality materials such as Webbing, Wicker, and Canvas. These materials add a touch of elegance and require specific care to maintain their beauty and longevity. 

The Canvas Chair



Our upholstery workshop in Svendborg, Denmark, represents a body of upholstery knowledge unapparelled in Scandinavia, where we keep our traditions alive and apply our internal wealth of knowledge.

Like all other objects, upholstered furniture attracts dust and becomes dirty. Therefore, regular maintenance is necessary to maintain the upholstery’s looks and prolong its longevity.

Gomo Lounge


Our selection of stone

Marble and limestone are natural materials where two surfaces are never alike. The stones can contain sediments from fossils, sand holes, glass veins and porosity and all are indicators of genuine stone while attributing to the natural character of the surface.

Since marble and limestone are materials susceptible to etching and staining unless carefully protected, avoiding contact with acid-based solutions and acidic cleaners (such as vinegar, lemon juice, etc.) is essential, as these can leave permanent stains.

By quotation, all stone can be delivered with a polyester coating which seals the surface.

Niveau Coffee Table


Additional materials

Our assortment spans a variety of exceptional materials, each selected for its unique beauty and functional qualities. 

Explore our additional materials. 

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