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Welcome to our B2B Platform - an area exclusively created for our partners. 

Since our establishment in 1911, Fredericia has built a solid foundation of design, service, and professionalism through decades of collaboration with recognised partners and a dedicated approach to meeting our customers' needs.

Our B2B shop is more than just a trading place; it is a workshop for innovation and quality collaboration. We have created a platform that unites Fredericia and our customers with a shared vision of success.

Whether you are looking for customised products or Essentials, our B2B shop is designed to meet your unique requirements.

Welcome to a world of collaboration where our craftsmanship tradition and commitment to quality continue to create value for our customers.

Further assistance

In case of any challenges, errors, or questions, we are available to assist you.

We look forward to answering all your requests.

Customer Care & Aftersales
Customer Care & Aftersales

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