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Introducing the elegant Canvas 21 Chair by Børge Mogensen

In a harmonious blend of past and present, we are proud to reintroduce the Canvas 21 Chair, originally named BM2221, designed by Børge Mogensen in 1968. This elegant piece departs from Mogensen’s earlier, more exclusive leather furniture, embracing a light and casual aesthetic with its solid wood frame, tactile canvas, and elegant brass details.

The Canvas 21 Chair, sophisticated yet understandable, shares the elegance of Mogensen’s renowned Spanish Chair while offering a lighter and smaller form. Its simple, honest construction embodies Mogensen’s signature dimensions, making it a timeless addition to any space.

Originally known as the BM2221, the Canvas 21 Chair was produced throughout the 1970s in various forms. This versatile chair found its place in many settings, from Mogensen’s own home in Gentofte to the Graversens family’s residence, the family behind Fredericia, and was chosen by the founder of the Louisiana Museum for their lecture hall, underscoring its versatile appeal. 

A timeless fusion of material, form and functionality

Reflecting the casual design trends of the 1970s, Mogensen aimed to create a more accessible piece by utilising canvas instead of exclusive saddle leather. The chair was designed for casual spaces, complementing Mogensen’s other light designs, such as daybeds and mattress-like sofas.

The use of high-quality materials honours the inherent beauty of natural materials, with the canvas and brass developing a unique patina over time. This not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also aligns with the philosophy of finding beauty in nature’s imperfections.

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A pioneering designer

Børge Mogensen (1914-1972), the founding designer of Fredericia, played a pivotal role in shaping Danish Modernism. His enduring legacy reflects a lifelong ambition to create functional and beautiful furniture designed to last for generations. Throughout his career, Mogensen drew inspiration from global sources, dedicating himself to crafting everyday furniture that transcends mere functionality to enrich people's lives. His unparalleled ability to utilize natural materials and timeless expression makes his designs relevant across various eras, generations, and cultures. 

Mogensen's vision was to design furniture with a restrained aesthetic, to evoke tranquility and modesty, and to encourage people to live unpretentiously. He was celebrated for his mastery of materials and proportions, emphasizing simple horizontal and vertical lines and surfaces to create beautiful, distinctive furniture that embodies aesthetic clarity and ease of production.

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