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In the home of Eva Bo Geisler & Nikola Antonijevic

Join us as we step inside the home of the architect couple Eva Bo Geisler and Nikola Antonijevic, who live on their houseboat at Ved Slusen, at the southern end of Copenhagen Harbor, overlooking both the water and the city. It's a residence where architectural visions intersect with personal history and where each piece of furniture and object carries its own story and significance.

Together, Eva and Nikola have designed the unique 100-square-meter houseboat, drawing inspiration from Canadian boathouses with its aluminium corrugated panels on both the roof and facade. The lightweight white curtains, elegantly mimicking the outdoor aluminium panels, provide a tactile and poetic expression to the residence.  The couple's shared passion for modern Japanese minimalism is reflected in the furnishings, designed from simple materials consisting of birch veneer, stainless steel details, and built-in solutions.

On the houseboat, where the outdoor and indoor life blends seamlessly, the couple has prioritised surrounding themselves with a combination of heirlooms, items from their travels, and things they fall in love with along the way.

The J39 chair holds a special significance for both of us. Throughout our 5-year education at the Royal Danish Academy, we sat on the J39 chair during numerous lectures. It's a classic piece that is beautiful and of high quality but also remarkably informal and accessible.

Eva Bo Geisler

"The items we incorporate into our home hold significance for us. Rarely do we have duplicates of the same thing; instead, we view each piece of furniture, lamp, bowl, or any other object as its small work with its unique history and meaning.

Our home means a great deal to us. We spend much time here, whether entertaining dinner guests amidst kitchen chaos or unwinding and recharging in front of the fireplace. The setting and atmosphere of our home are crucial to us, and we only add things we cherish. For us, there is a lot of identity tied to our home, perhaps even more so because we've created it ourselves.

Until recently, we had a light blue EJ220 sofa, an heirloom from my grandparents, who had it throughout my lifetime. It was no longer viable, and as we haven't decided whether to replace it with the same one or opt for a Delphi sofa, we've acquired various lounge chairs instead. Lounge chairs are versatile and can stay with us for the rest of our lives. One such piece is The Canvas Chair, which has always been one of our favourite chairs".

A masterpiece in furniture design

The Canvas Chair is one of the final masterpieces crafted by Børge Mogensen before his untimely passing in 1972. Representing a deliberate departure from the flashy furniture prevalent in the 1960s, this chair encapsulates an informal demeanor through its unassuming expression and use of natural materials. Today, The Canvas Chair remains pertinent in an era marked by a profound appreciation for aesthetic and authentic furniture. 

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