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Hugo Passos

Portuguese-born, Copenhagen-based designer Hugo Passos designs everyday objects that are familiar and enjoyable, both in form and use. Passos’ work is inspired by the designer’s ongoing interest in the human scale of everyday objects.

Without disregarding the artistic potential of design, Passos stays true to his view that designs must first and foremost serve their purpose and “do what they’re supposed to”. While paying great attention to the materials, structure and ergonomics that influence the use and final synthesis of the design, his approach resonates deeply with Fredericia’s core design values.

My work is about daily life – what is the point of having things if they don’t give you pleasure?

Hugo Passos

Hugo Passos on the new Gomo Collection

Hugo: With the new Gomo series I feel we are tapping into new territory again. I am extremely happy with the curvaceous lines of Gomo and can’t wait to see it in many different scenarios, at home but also in larger projects - from hotel lobbies, waiting areas, and receptions to bedrooms and living rooms. On its own, as a group or mixed with other furniture.

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Since our foundation in 1911, we have built up a strong tradition of beautiful craftsmanship and innovative design, developed in close collaboration with a circle of internationally recognised designers.

Børge Mogensen in the Spanish Chair
Børge Mogensen in the Spanish Chair

Børge Mogensen


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