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The J39 Gallery Tour

Join us as we tour Copenhagen, from charming historic neighbourhoods with lofty ceilings to emerging yet authentic industrial areas. We visit various captivating museums and art galleries dedicated to contemporary and historical art and intriguing installations. All venues have chosen Danish design classics for their interior, including providing the perfect spot to unwind in Børge Mogensen’s J39 Chair.

Andersen's Contemporary

When walking around in the upcoming cultural neighbourhood Nordvest, in the outer skirts of Nørrebro, Andersen's Contemporary is worth a visit. A gallery that re-opened in 2004 in Copenhagen after being a Berlin-based project space driven by three artists, Anselm Reyle, Thilo Heinzmann, and Claus Andersen. The gallery focuses on Claus Andersens connections to the Berlin-based art community when they exhibit emerging and established artists worldwide in their venue on Rentemestervej, the centre of Nordvests buzzing area. This fall, artist Lillebeth Cuenca Rasmussen revisits her earlier performance works, now presented as permanent stages. Similarly, at Fredericia this year, we have reinterpreted Børge Mogensen's iconic J39 Chair and launched the design classic in new colour variants inspired by Mogensen's life. 

Kunsthal Charlottenborg

We visit Kunsthal Charlottenborg, which, on the occasion of Charlottenborg's 140th anniversary, opens its doors to a string of new and older works this autumn. Exhibitions that connect the history of botany with human and cultural displacement. A theme related to Charlottenborg's history since the location at Kongens Nytorv was formerly Copenhagen's botanical garden. Now visitors come from near and far to enjoy the art and to visit the Apollo Bar, created by chef and restaurateur Frederik Bille Brahe. On the ground floor of the art gallery, people meet to break bread and enjoy the unique atmosphere in the historic building with striking windows, sculptures and design classics such as Børge Mogensen's C18 table and the J39 chair. After decades of usage, the chairs have acquired a beautiful patina from countless art students and visitors, epitomising the timelessness and high quality of what is also known as ‘the people's chair’.

Sunday-S Gallery

Amid Copenhagen, not far from Designmuseum Denmark, you find the Sunday-S Gallery. An art space presenting carefully curated contemporary pieces in a beautiful bright mansion flat on Dronningens Tværgade. The gallery founder is curator and art collector Peter Ibsen, known for his unique eye for monochrome and minimalist works by artists worldwide. The rooms in the apartment function both as Ibsen's private residence and as a visitor gallery, where all rooms are furnished with the absolute minimum and chalk-white walls, allowing the art to dominate. Among the selected works, you will find an equally highly curated selection of vintage design chairs that elegantly play together with the art, including Børge Mogensen's classic J39 standing as an exciting and natural contrast to the other objects. This autumn, it is possible to see Frank Moll's solo exhibition at Sunday-S Gallery, where the German artist has been inspired, among other things, by everyday cycles, banal rhythms and man's work to create structure. 

Galleri Tom Christoffersen

In the charming and narrow streets in the heart of Copenhagen, close to the Fredericia showroom, you find Galleri Tom Christoffersen. This gallery has showcased emerging and established artists since its opening in 2002. With a strong focus on the new contemporary artists and some of the most influential artists from the latter half of the 20th century, the gallery showcases how all art stands on the shoulders of each other and the exciting dialogue between new and old generations. The gallery itself is intergenerational, with founder and owner Tom Christoffersen and daughter Fanny Augusta. This autumn, they will fill their venue on Skindergade with the exhibition "COLOUR - FORM - BALANCE", where the works of four artists, Poul Gernes, Albert Mertz, Gunnar Aagaard Andersen and Ib Geertsen, are presented under the banner of ‘concrete art’; art that is composed of simple visual forms with a coherent organisational principle. Among the brightly coloured works, a vintage variant of Børge Mogensen's iconic 'people’s chair’, the J39, contributes warmth and tactility to the fixed frames.

Designmuseum Danmark

Join us to visit one of Copenhagen's finest Rococo buildings when we visit Designmuseum Danmark in the historic centre of Copenhagen on Bredgade. An area full of galleries, antique shops, and old, well-preserved historic buildings. Here you find the beautiful Design Museum Denmark, which since 1926 has occupied the former Royal Frederiks Hospital, following Kaare Klint's extensive renovation in the 1920s. Everything from industrial design and furniture design to handicrafts is collected and documented in this building, an archive of eras and periods in Danish as well as international design history, where you rightfully also find furniture by names such as Børge Mogensen, Nanna Ditzel and Hans J. Wegner. In the museum's newly renovated café area called Format, it’s also possible to sit surrounded by some of the best Danish design history, as you will find both Børge Mogensen's chairs J39, BM61 and Søborg, which Fredericia Furniture has donated to the design museum.

Copenhagen Contemporary

On the other side of the water, opposite the royal palace, you will find the characterful district of Refshaleøen. Here, not far from the Opera, is the art center Copenhagen Contemporary, which with its 7,000 square meters, exhibits large total installations, performance art and monumental video work in the middle of the old industrial area, which is in complete transformation. CC, one of Scandinavia's most extensive exhibition institutions for contemporary art, brings you the highest calibre of installations that can most often be sensed and experienced with the body. The previous B&W welding hall, which architect studio Dorte Mandrup has restored, still stands as a beautiful industrial masterpiece with its large glass sections, raw concrete walls and endless high ceilings that encapsulate contemporary art as well as iconic designs, like Børge Mogensen’s Spanish Chair and J39 Chair; design classics which you can find in the lobby and the café Connie-Connie.

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