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Historical heritage meets contemporary style

Nestled near the Hudson River in Downtown Manhattan, this exceptional apartment resides within a 150-year-old former warehouse building. Occupied by a family of three, they have created a home that seamlessly blends historical charm with modern comfort and style. 

The minimalist interior, designed to accentuate tranquillity and emphasise clean lines, is crafted by New York-based architect Neil Logan. With his expertise, he has crafted spacious family areas and cosy, bright spaces inviting for moments of solitude.

Similarly, the family has chosen to surround themselves with a blend of old and new, anchored in craftsmanship, textures, and materials. With profound respect for functionality and authenticity, they have cultivated an intriguing and balanced home where each object carries its own story, and the décor constantly evolves in tandem with their lives. 

"The apartment affords us space to gradually introduce art and objects over time, fostering a harmonious balance between tranquillity and inspiration, where everything constantly evolves. 

Danish design plays a significant role in our interior decor. This includes our vintage Spanish Chairs from the Hostler Burrows gallery on 10th Street and our Mogens Koch bookcases and PK61 table from Danish Furniture Art. The latest additions to our home hold profound significance for us. These additions include architect Neil Logan's extra-long table and bench, the desk and chairs from the Judd Foundation, Mira Nakashima's piano bench, as well as ceramics, paintings, framed textiles, and prints crafted by our neighbours and friends. 

The Spanish Chair were a considered choice we looked at a lot of seating options, seeking a lounge chair design that was comfortable, generous, and beautiful from all angles and would complement our other furniture well. The Spanish Chairs have more than met the challenge, and we’re so happy living with these chairs."

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