Haiku - 2-Seater

By GamFratesi , 2012

The Haiku Sofa is designed with just a few lines to convey a feeling that’s open yet encompassing. The clear outline of the outer shell is juxtaposed against the soft interior, providing an intimate sense of acoustic and visual privacy. At the same time, the singular seat cushion, loose pillows and upholstered back add an ample feeling of comfort. To highlight the contrast between the outer shell and the interior is the option to mix or match a wide variety of fabrics. To complete the picture, the delicate, discrete legs give the impression that the sofa is almost hovering above the ground.

Material Options
Haiku - 2-Seater
Haiku - 2-Seater - Model 1818_2b62f495-08ed-420c-8d8b-d700bd70e06f