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The Pioneer Collection

The sculptural Pioneer stools combine good seating comfort, functionality and a sculptural design language that elegantly combines the seat’s soft and round design with the wooden frame’s sensuality.

The chair’s simple, unique and distinctive combination of shapes and materials is a modern take on Scandinavian design that combines functionality with Bruun’s recognisable sculptural minimalism. The four vertical legs of the wooden frame are united in a cross composition with elegant indentations, where the light, the upholstered seat cushion, is placed on top. In contrast, the detailed indentation on the underside completes the overall artistic impression.

I often see my works as sculptural and then take them into a functional world and try to transform the artistic ideas into functional furniture. Pioneer was created from the desire for a beautiful and simple piece of furniture with presence and relevance.

Maria Bruun

Meet Maria Bruun

Danish designer Maria Bruun creates unique experiences in form and space. Much like a set designer, early in her creative process she visualises her ideas in a spatial context in relation to its surroundings. An approach that contributes to her carefully considered, sculptural designs that are a pleasure to both use and behold.

Bruun’s work often consists of a series of pieces involving familiar materials in new constellations with a unique sense of tactility and scale, to establish an interplay between recognition and renewal. Her profound love of wood and its effect on us as humans is a passion she shares with Fredericia, along with our strong connection between the past and the future.

Explore Maria Bruun's designs
Explore Maria Bruun's designs

Created by the need for beautiful objects and meaningful materials

During the pandemic, Bruun worked on the CONNECTED project, where nine international designers were challenged to create a table and chair that fit our new ways of living and working from home.

Inspired by Bruun’s own experiences from the period, including her growing need to surround herself with beautiful things and meaningful materials, the small collection Nordic Pioneer was born, including a stackable stool with a solid maple seat that was exhibited as part of the project at the Design Museum in London. Drawn by the sculptural, beautiful wooden object, Bruun and Fredericia Furniture have further developed the piece into a stool and a bar stool at two heights with an upholstered seat, transforming the artistic and sculptural idea into a functional piece of furniture.

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