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Reintroducing the JG Coffee Table by Jørgen Gammelgaard

We are proud to reintroduce yet another remarkable piece by designer and professor Jørgen Gammelgaard – the missing link in Danish design. Commenced in 1962 and introduced in 1973, the designer spent over a decade perfecting this elegant low table in glass, featuring a sculptural yet simple look that showcases his eminent sense of minimalist design.

A refreshing take on minimalism

Gammelgaard’s award-winning work reflects a simple, refined approach to design and a refreshing take on minimalism. His designs stand out as timeless classics that remain relevant today. Each is an inventive design for modern living, reflecting his measured sense of minimalism. This is evident in the JG Coffee Table, a new heritage design crafted in Denmark made of brushed bent aluminium and tempered glass coming together as an interesting sculpture. After its launch in 1973, the coffee table was available for only a few years. Now, Fredericia has brought it out of the archives, breathing new life into this magnificent piece of furniture, able to add a luxurious feel to any space.

The absence of the traditional four legs means that the JG Coffee Table establishes a solid, anchored presence in the interior despite its entirely airy appearance. The transparent glass tabletop highlights the base’s interesting and logical construction in the design, creating a contrasting effect between light and solid that changes according to the viewer’s point of view, bringing the design to life.

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