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While each design in our portfolio is unique, what they all share is a Scandinavian sensibility. Simple, minimal designs where form follows function and anything extra is eliminated. Capturing the essence of an idea expressed in a look that’s timeless in appeal – and original.

With The Spanish Chair, several details contribute to its striking aesthetic. The wide armrests are a signature detail, allowing you to casually place a cup of coffee and more. The sturdy wooden construction involves expertly treated solid oak crafted with geometrical precision. Functional factors make this a durable design with a strong presence. The rustic combination of vegetable-tanned leather with the solid oak frame adds character, achieving a special patina that only becomes more stunning over time.

Creating The Spanish Chair

Andalucia was the backdrop of inspiration for The Spanish Chair. While travelling through Spain, Børge Mogensen observed an ornate chair with wide armrests, a traditional style involving Spain’s medieval form of furniture construction. Mogensen modernised the design by reducing the ornamentation and retaining the low, lateral shape.

He expanded upon his work with solid oak and saddle leather in his design of The Spanish Chair, with its signature broad armrests and brass buckles in the back as discrete closures. The chair was launched in 1958 as part of an innovative living space exhibition at the Copenhagen Cabinetmaker’s Guild, where all tables were removed from the floor to create an open living area.

The Spanish Chair in Natural leather and oil by Børge Mogensen
The Spanish Chair in Natural leather and oil by Børge Mogensen

The wide armrests of The Spanish Chair serve as a practical place for glass, allowing the user to dispense with occasional tables or other furniture. In doing so, he achieved a more open and informal space for relaxing and conversing.

The Spanish Chair has quite a strong presence, with its solid oak construction and sturdy, high-quality leather. Over time, as the leather expands, the adjustable straps can be tightened. Allowing you to sit securely and comfortably from day one – and for the rest of your life.

One of Mogensen’s most celebrated designs reflects his unique angle on modernity.

Meet the designer

Børge Mogensen (1914-1972) was one of the most influential designers shaping Modern Danish design and Fredericia’s founding designer. He found inspiration worldwide in his quest to create everyday objects that would endure for generations, believing that furniture should create a sense of tranquillity and a modest appearance. He was acclaimed for his masterful sense of materials and proportions, creating designs celebrated and showcased in leading design museums worldwide.

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