Authorised Originals

At Fredericia, every design we develop is unique in its own right. From the shape, size, construction, surface finish and choice of materials to countless other details that distinguish our designs as originals. Key factors that are also essential for our promise of high quality, impeccably crafted, long-lasting products.

Copies violate the integrity of our original designs
Counterfeits and copies might try to imitate the overall look of a design, but they could never copy our authentic Fredericia quality. In fact, any attempt to replicate an original design is a violation of the law. It also disrespects the designer and the integrity of the original design as well as all the time, effort and work of the skilled craftsmen and women who devote themselves every day to creating our Fredericia products to perfection.

Label of Authenticity

Original Fredericia products are indicated with a proper label or heat embossed stamp. By purchasing originals from Fredericia and using Fredericia to re-upholster them, you are guaranteed an authentic, durable and toxic-free product made under ethically sound conditions. Any questions, you are always welcome to contact us at [email protected]