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Studio visit: Barber Osgerby

Join us as we visit Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby at their design studio in Shoreditch, London, for an insightful discussion on the thought process behind the Plan Collection. Here, we delve into the visionary ideas and creative processes that fuse the innovative approach of this design duo with Fredericia's rich craftsmanship traditions. 

When you look at the Plan Chair, you know it's a Barber Osgerby product, but you also feel it's a Fredericia product. Working with the team has been a pleasurable experience because the design values are there, and the attention to detail and the manufacturing ability are incredible."

Barber Osgerby

Since the 1990s, Barber Osgerby has been at the forefront of modern furniture design, renowned for their architectural precision, thoughtful approach, and a keen focus on materiality. Collaborations with leading global manufacturers such as Vitra, Knoll, B&B Italia, Flos, Venini, and Hermès have resulted in distinctive designs that grace permanent museum collections. These creations are celebrated for their enduring creativity, relevance, and allure.

With deep roots in British design tradition and a constant quest for originality, the design duo creates modern, tactile pieces that inspire admiration and practical, showcasing their talent for honouring classic designs while breaking new ground. 

Their dedication to clean lines and structural integrity is evident in the Plan Collection, where they seamlessly blend function and form to meet both aesthetic and practical needs. Central to their design philosophy is the strength of natural materials and clean shapes, reflected in the meticulously detailed chairs, solid wood tabletops, and subtle yet distinctive design language. This innovative collection mirrors Fredericia’s dedication to elegant design, comfort, quality materials, and impeccable craftsmanship. 

The design ethos

The Plan Collection embodies its aesthetic simplicity through well-considered, straight vertical lines that pay homage to Børge Mogensen's timeless design principles. Drawing inspiration primarily from the architectural elegance of the iconic J39 chair, this collection exudes a sense of refined simplicity. Upon use, the furniture reveals its inherent generosity, providing comfort and revealing subtle yet thoughtful details, all developed with the human body in mind. The clean lines of the design elevate the furniture, imbuing it with a tactile richness and unparalleled attention to detail, resulting in a commanding presence and an inviting atmosphere wherever it is placed. 

Explore the Plan Collection
Explore the Plan Collection

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