Waste Management

Fredericia operations are managed with systems in compliance with ISO14001 standards. Waste is sorted according to our recycling system into combustible, cardboard, iron and metal, plastic and landfill. Waste timber is chopped into chips and used to heat the plant. Furthermore, we ensure the utmost use of our leather and textiles to minimise any waste.


As part of our approach to re-cycling and waste management, excess leather from our furniture production has been sold off to third parties for the production of small leather goods, such as gloves, shoes, handbags and boxes. It’s a practice that we have had in place at Fredericia for over 30 years. Additionally, a portion of our leather remnants is also donated to local schools. In the neighbourhood around our factory, children have crafted wallets and the like out of left-overs from our premium leather collections.

Throughout the years, we have perfected our relationships with leather tanneries so as to offer the finest furniture leather on the market. Denmark used to have a long tradition of high quality tanneries up until the early 1990’s, when the last Danish tannery closed. From that point on, the European leather industry consolidated in Italy and, on a smaller scale, in Sweden.

All Fredericia leather is tanned in Italy and Sweden. For over 50 years, direct access to tanneries has been important in our approach to leather sourcing. We are currently working on a further expansion of traceability, to trace the origin of raw hides back to each specific farm.