Insula Table - Model 5191

By Ernst & Jensen , 2009

It´s rare to find coffee tables that are asymmetrical yet balanced. Organic but still graphic. Such is the case with the Insula Table series by Ernst & Jensen. The slim, curved table top is supported by an angular frame, resulting in a truly distinctive design conceived in three sizes, which each attain a perfect sense of equilibrium. Almost like small islands, the tables have a floating feeling. Their striking silhouette makes them equally as beautiful as stand-alones or clustered together to form an archipelago.

Material Options
Insula Table - Model 5191
Insula Table - Model 5191 - Model 5191
W: 95 cm
H: 34 cm
L: 98 cm
Wt: 16 kg
Cbm: 0.08 cbm

About The Collection

Almost like small islands, the Insula Tables have a floating feeling. While the top is a soft organic shape, the base is sharp and angular. Everything is asymmetrical and when combined together, the outcome is a cohesive sense of balance. Conceived in three sizes and heights, the tables can be clustered together to form an archipelago or placed individually.

Create a monochromatic look with the powder-lacquered aluminium base and matching top or contrast the base with a wooden top in oak. Whether as a coffee table, dining table or conference table, the Insula Tables will add a distinctive look to any reception area, hotel lobby, work scenario or living room.

Design duo Ernst & Jensen challenge the status quo with inventive designs rooted in simplicity and inspired by fluid, organic shapes. The Insula Tables reflect their penchant for fusing elegance with an unexpected element of playfulness.

Ernst & Jensen


Morten Ernst and Anne-Mette Jensen have garnered international acclaim for their inventive angle on design. Most notably, symmetrical forms that find a perfect balance. Organic yet graphic shapes. And unconventional concepts that question the status quo. Adding a playful dimension as part of their reputation as exponents of contemporary Danish design.