Nara Coat Stand

By Shin Azumi , 2009

Nara Coat Stand is designed by Shin Azumi. The result is a sculptural object with a graphical silhouette.

Material Options
Nara Coat Stand
Nara Coat Stand - Model 1880
W: 32 cm
D: 42 cm
H: 180 cm
Wt: 10 kg
Cbm: 0.27 cbm

About The Collection

Japanese designer Shin Azumi recycled remnants from wood production to create the Nara Coat Stand. A sculptural expression of a functional object intended to capture the beauty of solid timbre in a simple wooden structure. Alluding to deer antlers, as referenced by the name Nara, Japan’s historical capital city known for its free roaming deer.

Shin Azumi


"I always try to create maximum effect from minimal solutions."

Shin Azumi applies his own visual interpretation to functional structures. Together with Fredericia, Azumi has fused Japanese aesthetics with traditional Danish design principles.

UK-based Japanese designer Shin Azumi, runs his own design multidisciplinary studio in northern London, ‘a studio’. He designs for internationally based clients in the areas of consumer products, furniture, lighting, and electronics, as well as space design for shops, restaurants and exhibitions.

“Observation is always the key to development. I begin by objectively looking at all the phenomena surrounding a brief and try to clarify the key points to develop the project. After the distillation of the idea, the end result is often purified as a simple solution,” says Azumi.

Shin Azumi’s designs are clearly in line with Fredericia Furniture’s core values of balance between idea, function and aesthetics:

“Functionality is the key to increasing the longevity of a design’s life. I look at physical functionality as well as the effect of psychological functionality. A design is complete when it is used by people. Providing satisfactory, interactive quality is key to a successful design.” says Azumi.

Shin Azumi’s works have been published and awarded worldwide, and they have also been acquired for the permanent collections of many museums, most notably the Victoria & Albert Museum (UK), the Stedelijk Museum (Holland), the Crafts Council (UK), the Die Neue Sammlung (Germany), the Museum fur Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt (Germany).