About The Collection

With Hydro, Copenhagen-based designer Sofie Østerby establishes an equilibrium between the visual impact of the brass and the shape itself. Hydro is cast by a small workshop in Portugal that has retained the ancient technique of creating traditional armour. The dark, almost black oxidised surface adds a subtle dimension to an enduring design that seems to defy time.

Culminating in a vase that doubles as a decorative sculpture. Classic yet contemporary – and collectible.

With the choice of travertine, Locus embodies Danish designer Sofie Østerby’s intuitive approach to balancing material presence and shape. Travertine is a material native to Italy, used in classical architecture for centuries.

Interestingly, travertine used to have a counterpart in Denmark. The natural limestone that was mined in the Faxe area south of Copenhagen is similar in appearance and composition to travertine, which makes it familiar in a Nordic design context, as well.

Locus is crafted in raw Italian travertine, where the natural, irregular surface is kept intact to highlight the innate beauty of the material properties, boasting unique textures and tonalities that will vary from piece to piece. Making each Lotus Bowl a collectible.

Sofie Østerby


“My creative process involves finding an equilibrium. Between the presence of a shape and the material properties. Between natural materials versus industrial elements. And between traditional crafts and modern techniques.”

There’s something inexplicably intriguing about Sofie Østerby’s work. Whether it’s a vase, bowl, chair or lamp. Conceived using bronze, steel, travertine or polyurethane. There’s magic in how she mixes the innate beauty of materials with the aesthetic impact of a shape.

The result is something sculptural and functional with a presence that compels you to come closer. Merging traditional crafts with modern techniques, Østerby explores the physical properties of both natural and industrial materials, experimenting with raw and refined surfaces, textures, tones and finishes in her intuitive process of obtaining a unique corporeality.