Savannah Chair

By Monica Förster , 2015

The Savannah Chair is a masterful merging of structure, softness and materiality. Saddle leather forms a framework that wraps around the soft seat and back cushions supported by a solid wooden core. The two smaller inner cushions for the armrests enhance the comfort with almost a cocooning feeling. The chair showcases our heritage of craftsmanship and love of natural materials, seen in the use of leather and fine woodworking.

Material Options
Savannah Chair
Savannah Chair - Model 8801
W: 89 cm
D: 84 cm
H: 80 cm
Wt: 30 kg
Cbm: 2.3 cbm
Sh: 42 cm

About The Collection

Savannah is an open yet embracing design. The most striking feature is the use of our premium saddle leather as a key element that wraps around the solid wood frame to encompass the back and sides of the sofa and chair. Each cushion is sewn by hand, providing ample comfort in the seat. The high back cushions extend above the leather structure for even more comfort, designed at just the right angle for relaxing.

The concept allows you to choose different colours for the leather, fabric and wood or match the colours for a more understated look. This fascination with materials is a focal point for Swedish designer Monica Förster. The Savannah series exemplifies her passion for exploring different shapes, tones and textures. Working with traditional craft techniques to reinvent and renew typologies within furniture and object design.

Monica Förster


Born and raised in Sweden close to the Arctic Circle, Monica Förster has authored some of the most international-celebrated objects in contemporary Swedish design. Her curiosity about materials and methods has led to her cross-disciplinary approach, involving a mix of innovative and traditional craft techniques. In her personal interpretation of design genres.