By Friis & Moltke Design , 2013

Material Options
- Model 7863
D: 75 cm
H: 129 cm
L: 188 cm
Cbm: 0 cbm
Sh: 46 cm

About The Collection

Given the accelerated pace of change in work, life and social settings, System 2100 is a flexible, functional seating solution that answers the need for simple, comfortable modular furniture that’s customisable. Developed for professional use, the durable, sturdy construction makes the series ideal for public venues, such as educational institutions, healthcare facilities and co-working settings. With the added advantage of easy upkeep.

System 2100 was designed to adapt to the particular needs of each project, including the scope and style of the interior architecture. Rows of chairs can be configured with tables in between. Create a circular formation of benches, with pairs of chairs place elsewhere in the space. Or a serpentine-shaped succession of seats. The choice of fabrics lets you create colour-coded spaces, a mix of shades or a monochromatic theme that can easily blend into the ambience of a room.

Designing System 2100 involved an in-depth understanding of the interaction between architecture, interior decoration and design. Credos at the core of Friis & Molkte Architechts. who incorporate sociological factors into their design process, bearing in mind the needs of end-users in long-lasting concepts rich in humanity.

The Collection

System 2100

Friis & Moltke Design


Creating a coherence between form and function is at the heart of Friis & Moltke Design. As architects, their professional understanding of space plays a pivotal role in designing furniture to ensure the optimal interaction between both. Mixing the pragmatic needs of a project with the needs of users to create functional, durable, conceptual designs.