Magazine Table

By Jens Risom , 1949

Originally designed in 1949, The Magazine Table reflects Risom’s idea that key to good design is comfort, the warmth of wood with a graceful style. Available in lacquered or black lacquered oak plywood, the mix of soft lines and carefully crafted cut-outs and curves makes this the perfect place for any reading material - in any number of contemporary settings.

Material Options
Magazine Table
Magazine Table - Model 6500
W: 40,5 cm
H: 47 cm
L: 57,5 cm
Wt: 4.6 kg
Cbm: 0.14 cbm

About The Collection

Sweeping diagonal lines with softened cut-outs and curves echo Jens Risom’s penchant for practicality in this functional magazine table with a striking, sculptural silhouette. Ideal for any contemporary setting from hotels to private homes. An iconic design from 1949 that appeared in the first comprehensive catalogue from Risom with the slogan “Furniture with a signature."

The Collection

Magazine Table

Jens Risom


“Good design means that anything good will go well with other equally good things.”

Jens Risom was a true talent and a pivotal player in the Danish Modernism movement, expecially his role introducing a Scandinavian sensibility to the American market. There he pursued a successful career designing an array of pieces which stemmed from functionality, imbued with a New York sense of style and savoir-faire. Risom went on to influence the global design arena and left a legacy of stunning, streamlined designs.

A strong proponent of the idea that design should be modest, minimal and not centre stage, Risom’s understated approach to elegance is seen in his preference for gentle curves, geometric angles, clever construction and affinity for continuity.