Silhouette Mirror 70x180

By OEO Studio , 2020

Silhouette is a series of mirrors framed in solid wood, informed by a focus on materials, craftsmanship and the experience of living with design. The concept is based on a simple geometric equation – a round, a square and a rectangle as universal shapes that are timeless, trendless and at the same time, contemporary.

Material options
Silhouette Mirror 70x180
Silhouette Mirror 70x180 - Model 8324
W: 70 cm
D: 3,5 cm
H: 180 cm
Wt: 16 kg
Cbm: 0.09 cbm

About the collection

Fredericia introduces Complements – A new line of material-driven pieces conceived as collector’s items to complement our portfolio.

Complements is a new collection of designs that join our main collection of furniture. A line of collectibles rooted in our passion for materiality comprised of functional pieces with aesthetic qualities that are equally appealing as decorative elements. From objects and small functional furniture to hidden gems from our archives with a renewed relevance.

With Complements, we expand on our expertise with materiality to encompass a range of accessories and furnishings that - together with our line of furniture - create a look and feel for an entire interior or concept.

Drawing on our legacy of working with wood and leather, we’ve explored other materials with textures, colours and compositions that bring an extra dimension to the atmosphere. The result is a celebration of materiality in well-considered concepts that are refined, authentic, inviting and crafted to last.

We’re always open to designers, where we feel a strong connection with their work and a mutual mindset. For Complements, we’ve engaged with the next wave of new talent in Denmark and abroad. Both new and established names, who share our affinity for honest materials and purposeful design.

Complements remains true to our design heritage at Fredericia while staying in tune with the world at large. Each piece is distinctive, yet they all reflect our pioneering spirit to create essentials with presence and permanence.

Collectibles to cherish now – and for generations to come.

OEO Studio


Founders of OEO Studio Thomas Lykke and Anne-Marie Buemann have earned a strong reputation for their passion and commitment to delivering true impact. By virtue of the immersive and creative journeys they undertake with clients and partners, their incisive understanding of the personality of a brand and their conceptual approach to creating designs that unlock new and meaningful dimensions, Lykke and Buemann have engaged in a wide range of design assignments worldwide.

Established in 2003, OEO Studio has established a distinct aesthetic that meaningfully translates into retail and residential interiors and hospitality projects, furniture design and beyond. Each project is defined by the inherent warmth of the natural materials used, which are often applied in novel and unexpected ways and inspired by their cultural context to support human interactions. Signature to OEO Studio is their concept of compelling minimalism, expressed through an intuitive yet methodical design approach, an inner sense of necessity and enduring quality. In addition to their sensitivity to materiality, textures and contrast, with meticulous attention to detail.

Based in Copenhagen with a project office in Tokyo, OEO Studio has created award-winning work for a broad spectre of discerning clients. From the interiors of Michelin-starred restaurants to aspirational objects that have earned their place in the permanent collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum in New York, the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris and the Design Museum in Copenhagen.