The Erik Jørgensen collection

Erik Jørgensen was founded in 1954 by saddler and designer Erik Jørgensen. During the 1970s, the company was considered a frontrunner in Danish furniture design. Jørgensen earned a reputation for his remarkable upholstery skills, inventive upholstered furniture and unsurpassed expertise in Scandinavia with sofas.

Erik Jørgensen
Craftsmanship skills were the foundation for
Erik Jørgensen to establish his own furniture
upholstery workshop in 1954. Trained as a
saddler and upholsterer, his understanding of
materials, passion for furniture and knowledge
of market trends propelled him to design a
number of sofa collections. 


Over time, the Erik Jørgensen brand has maintained its position as a frontrunner in innovative Danish furniture design with special expertise in upholstered furniture. The company has also worked with the best Danish and international designers including Hans J. Wegner, Hannes Wettstein, Snøhetta and Monica Förster.


The Erik Jørgensen brand reflects a passion for materiality and craftsmanship, seen in classic and contemporary designs with sculptural elegance.



Delphi Sofa - Model 4510

Delphi Sofa - Model 4511

Delphi Sofa - Model 4512

Delphi Daybed

Delphi Elements

EJ315 Sofa, 3 Seater

EJ220 Sofa 2 Seater 76

EJ220 Sofa 3 seater 67

EJ220 2 seater 100

EJ220 Elements

EJ50 Sofa, 2 seater

EJ50 Sofa, 3 seater

EJ288 Sofa, 3 seater

EJ280 Sofa 2 seater 100

EJ280 Elements

EJ295 Chaise Sofa 76

Konami Sofa, 2 seater

Konami Sofa, 3 seater

Savannah Sofa, 2 seater

Hector Sofa, 2 seater

Hector Sofa, 3 seater

Lounge Chairs

Wegner Ox Chair

Wegner Queen Chair

Corona Chair

EJ315 Chair

EJ50 Club Chair

Eyes Lounge 4 Leg

Eyes Lounge Wood base Armchair

Konami Loveseat


Lemon Wood base Lounge Chair

Lemon Swivel Lounge Chair

Chairs & Stools

Eyes Cantilever Armchair

Eyes 4 Leg Chair

Eyes 4 Leg Barstool

Flamingo Chair

Coffee Tables

Corona Table

Eyes Table

EJ66 Table - Model 5163

EJ66 Table - Model 5164

EJ66 Table - Model 5165

EJ66 Table - Model 5166

Insula Table - Model 5190

Insula Table - Model 5191

Insula Table - Model 5192

Insula  Picolo Table