The Mogensen J39 Chair - Sedge Grass

By Børge Mogensen

To commemorate the 75 years since the Mogensen J39 chair was initially launched, we introduce a special Anniversary Edition featuring a hand-woven rush seat in sedge grass.

Sourced from cultivated harvests in Southeast Asia, the sedge grass is twisted and woven by hand to create the signature triangular pattern known as rush, which adds a textural dimension to the seat. It’s a classic weave used on Danish chair designs, inspired initially by Mediterranean designs.

Together with the solid oak frame, the rush seat exemplifies our love of natural materials sustainably sourced to minimise any impact on the environment. After the sedge grass is cut, it continues to grow. Meaning there is no need for re-planting.

Decades before sustainability became a global imperative, Mogensen was a passionate proponent of the idea that natural materials, sturdy construction, and impeccable craftsmanship are critical factors for creating simple, beautiful furniture with a long lifespan. It’s a mindset that runs deep in our design DNA at Fredericia, reflecting our ultimate desire for people to buy fewer but better products.

As a cherished piece of clothing, the J39 Mogensen Chair is a piece of versatile furniture calibrated for comfort, which is why new and vintage versions can be found in countless private homes, restaurants, cafés, and corporate dining halls, universities, and public institutions around the world. Such as the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, where the chairs continue to be used for the past 40 years. Boasting a clean, uncluttered aesthetic, the J39 Mogensen Chair Anniversary Edition is about simple, unadorned beauty. A modern essential to treasure for decades to come.