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In September 2023, Trapholt – Museum of Modern Art and Design will open the most extensive exhibition on Nanna Ditzel ever staged. This spring, a sneak peek of the exhibition is showcased at Fredericia’s Copenhagen Showroom.

Nanna Ditzel (1923-2005) is the greatest female Danish designer of the twentieth century. For the first time ever, her world of inspirations and ideas will be fully unfolded when, in September 2023, Trapholt presents Ditzel’s complete oeuvre in a densely sensuous context of furniture design, textiles, jewellery and immersive installations. Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Nanna Ditzel’s birth, it will be the most comprehensive exhibition of her work to date. It tells the story of how you can evolve and realise your potential if you are in touch with the inspiration offered by art, culture, nature and everyday life. Nanna Ditzel combined an insistence on solid craftsmanship with artistic and cultural inspiration, and in doing so, she created unique and universal design icons. When we experience Ditzel’s design and sense the connection between craftsmanship and inspiration, we understand that the genuinely new does not arise when mindlessly repeating the known, but when you let yourself be fuelled by curiosity and inspiration, drawing on a range of diverse and surprising sources to challenge the status quo.

Nanna Ditzel works with and around the entire body – she bejewels it, covers it with textiles and showcases it in her furniture designs. In particular, she taps into our contemporary world with competencies that point to 21st Century Skills. With creativity, interdisciplinary collaboration, reflection and media awareness, her work can exemplify and personify society’s future learning and construction. For Nanna Ditzel, inspiration is decisive in how it unfolds due to a multitude of thoughts and experiences among people or alone in nature. She observes life, people, shapes, colours, weather, and everything around her. She works neither with routine nor something that has been done, said, or occurred. And from these efforts, analyses and thoughts, something surprising and unexpected often emerges. Critical thinking ensures new, sustainable ideas to create a picture of life. A life rich in content and experiences, an innovative life.

Explore the exhibition in our Copenhagen Showroom

In collaboration with Trapholt, Fredericia presents a compelling sensuous staircase environment from 1962 created by Nanna Ditzel for the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers’ Guild Exhibition. The exhibition has been hailed as the best in many years, demonstrating innovation and creativity.

To explore the recreation of the Nanna Ditzel 1962 exhibition, stop by our showroom, where the preview will be available until 3daysofdesign. Follow the button below to learn more about our opening hours.

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