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In the home of Line Dalgaard

Join us as we step inside the home of the PR Manager Line Dalgaard, who combines nostalgic heirlooms and colourful art for a homely and aesthetic setting.

Line is passionate about art, culture and aesthetic communication. Through her communications career at ELLE, Darling Creative Studio, DANSK Magazine and Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, the family home has been the base where both the functional, the aesthetic and the domestic meet—three dimensions making their residence a peaceful and friendly place to unwind.

The Corona Chair has the absolutely perfect slope, which makes it an armchair disguised as a sculpture. This is where I get both my functionality, aesthetics and homeliness in the same piece of furniture.

Line Dalgaard

"I have two Corona chairs by Poul M. Volther in my home - one in the living room and one in the bedroom. Both chairs are gifts from my parents and have been in my childhood home in Fredericia for many years. The Corona chairs are one of the things that make my home a home. There are so many feelings, memories and glimpses from my childhood and early youth in these. I like it when older things with sentimental value are put in a new setting. It's such a nice way to give something old and very familiar a whole new life.

We live in a brand-new apartment in Nordhavn, Copenhagen, which was a blank canvas when we moved in. Everything was white; the walls, the kitchen, the bathroom. So we needed to mix it up, making sure the very neutral rooms transformed into a home with warmth and personality. This is, among other things, what the Corona chairs provide because when you take a piece of furniture from your childhood home and put it in a new and unique setting, it's like having a small piece of nostalgia standing, and then it only becomes more exciting in the combination of new art, furniture and other good finds. 
Although there are endless solutions in the interior design process of a newly built apartment, it was important for me also to show great respect for the framework. The kitchen is a good example of this, which has not been transformed into a romantic or stately kitchen but a modern wooden kitchen with warmth and personality. We have two Spine Wood Base bar stools designed by Space Copenhagen at the kitchen island. We got it from a closed restaurant in Copenhagen. The chairs had already had a busy life, and overheard many conversations before we got them. Our things at home are here to be used, and you want to be able to see that they have had a life."

An experimental take on Danish design

Designed in 1964 by Poul M. Volther, the Corona Chair was an experimental take on traditional Danish design. Its eye-catching and stringent look challenged the conventional approach to lounge seating, which made it a design icon coveted all over the world.

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