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Delphi Elements - Cera 905 / Brushed Aluminium

Model 450D - By Hannes Wettstein


Delphi Elements - Configuration D

A contemporary classic, Delphi has gained a reputation as the essential Danish landscape sofa – designed by Swiss designer Hannes Wettstein. Delphi is made at the Svendborg workshop with exquisite upholstery details, soothing comfort and materials of the highest calibre. Delphi Elements are composed of separate modules that can always be rearranged as needed. This flexible setup makes the system equally suitable for private homes and more spacious commercial settings.



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Select model

Delphi comes in different materials and variations.

Meet the designer

Swiss designer Hannes Wettstein was an influential talent within industrial design, furniture and architecture. He had a willingness to rethink everything determined by design – from human behaviour and how rooms are organised to the purpose of things.
Portrait image of Hannes Wettstein
Portrait image of Hannes Wettstein

Hannes Wettstein

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Watch how the Delphi Sofa is crafted

Care tips to make your Fredericia products last for generations




Daily Cleaning
Wipe with a soft, dry cloth. In case of light Fredericia stains, you can use a soft cloth, tightly wrung in water, which has been boiled and then cooled to room temperature.

For further maintenance, you can use leather cleanser or cream.

Product impact

At Fredericia, we strive to continue our heritage of purposeful and sustainable design, creating modern originals that encourage human well-being wherever people live, work or relax.

Traceable content

The Fredericia leather used for this furniture is tanned in Italy or Sweden using only European livestock. Selected leathers are available with full Spoor documentation, from farm to furniture.

Leather production at Fredericia Furniture
Leather production at Fredericia Furniture

Heritage handcraft

This product is manufactured at the Fredericia upholstery workshop in Denmark, where we pass the expertise and skills needed for making this product from one generation to the next.

Cutting leather at Fredericia Furniture production
Cutting leather at Fredericia Furniture production

Crafted to last

Fredericia offers an extended warranty of 10 years on this product. If kept well, the life expectancy of this product is 40+ years.


Here you can access and download all project files and assets.

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