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Model 1002 - By Hans J. Wegner


Wegner Ox Ottoman

The Ox Ottoman, designed by Hans J Wegner, is made to match the Ox Chair as well as the Queen Chair. The fully upholstered body is elevated by stainless-steel legs. When fabric is chosen, the sides of the ottoman can be chosen in leather, or a contrasting fabric – a signature detail which can be mirrored in the piping of the easy chairs.



Leather Cera 905, Russet brown

Brushed stainless steel

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Meet the designer

One of the most prolific Danish talents of his time, Hans J. Wegner (1914-2007) designed roughly 500 chairs, many of which have become classics that are still in production today. Wegner is part of the “Golden Age’ of modern Danish design, known for his fascination with wood and for infusing functional designs with a poetic, playful edge. For Wegner, a chair isn’t just a piece of furniture, but a work of art made to support the human form.

Old Portrait image of Hans J. Wegner in The Ox Chair
Old Portrait image of Hans J. Wegner in The Ox Chair

Hans J. Wegner

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It was originally launched in the 1960s by AP Stolen as AP46.


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