Islets Dining Table

By Maria Bruun , 2020

Designer Maria Bruun brings a brilliant sense of equilibrium to the Islets Dining Table. A cohesive design that juxtaposes a slim, round table top supported by solid, cylindrical oak legs. As a result, the impression is strong yet still subtle in a sculptural concept that showcases the innate beauty and enduring integrity of oak.

Material Options
Islets Dining Table
Islets Dining Table - Model 6775
Ø: 120 cm
H: 73 cm
Wt: 54 kg
Cbm: 0.26 cbm

About The Collection

The Islets Table series is a precise design with a strong identity, based on a simple construction, where details are kept to a minimum. It’s an approach that reflects the sculptural minimalism of designer Maria Bruun, who seeks a balance between a light feeling in the expression and pieces with a strong, assertive presence.

Islets consists of a side table, a large coffee table and a grand dining table all crafted in solid oak and finished with a natural light oil. Oak is a signature material from Fredericia, appreciated for its warmth and durable qualities. The series can work as separate elements or as a set to anchor an interior - from private homes to public spaces.

Maria Bruun


Danish designer Maria Bruun creates unique experiences in form and space. Much like a set designer, early in her creative process she visualises her ideas in a spatial context in relation to its surroundings. An approach that contributes to her carefully considered, sculptural designs that are a pleasure to both use and behold.

Bruun’s work often consists of a series of pieces involving familiar materials in new constellations with a unique sense of tactility and scale, to establish an interplay between recognition and renewal. Her profound love of wood and its effect on us as humans is a passion she shares with Fredericia, along with our strong connection between the past and the future. Curiosity and respect are her guide in constructing and meticulously refining a shape while honouring the natural structure of wood. She explores the parameters of a variety of materials, including metal and glass, to bring an innovative approach to classic craftsmanship techniques in her close dialogue with skilled artisans.

Bruun is the recipient of several awards and recognitions, such Emerging Talent of the Year by the Danish Arts Foundation, her nomination by Dezeen as ‘Emerging Designer of the Year’ and the Danish Design Award for Best Design of the Year, among others .