Spine Lounge Suite Sofa

By Space Copenhagen , 2011

Spine Lounge Suite is a testament to simplicity as the ultimate form of exclusivity. Spine was originally designed for a Michelin-star restaurant in Copenhagen and has since expanded into an entire series with the same signature approach. Fluid lines form a solid, succinct design that exudes luxury from every angle.

Material Options
Spine Lounge Suite Sofa
Spine Lounge Suite Sofa - Model 1712
D: 81 cm
H: 71 cm
L: 160 cm
Wt: 51 kg
Cbm: 1.14 cbm
Pcs: 1
Sh: 41 cm

About The Collection

Curved corners, ample cushions and somewhat low to the ground, Spine Lounge is a testament to simplicity as the ultimate form of exclusivity. What began as a Spine Lounge Chair for a Michelin-star restaurant has expanded into an entire series with the same signature approach, encompassing the Spine Lounge Suite, Spine Petit, Spine Daybed, Spine Sofa and Spine Bench. An array of variants that easily lend themselves to all kinds of scenarios in the high-end hospitality and retail sector, as well as private residences.

What they all share is a soft, plush cushioned side for comfort supported by a singular structure in solid wood. Incorporated into the structure are slightly splayed legs at either end, which signal a sense of relaxed informality.

The upholstery draws on Fredericia’s signature techniques, with a modern spin. Discrete details on various versions, such as the leather piping around the sides, add to the series’ subtle sophistication.

The result is a succinct design that’s soft yet solid. Fluid yet structured. Poetic yet purposeful. Able to exude, at a glance, an ambience of elegance.

Space Copenhagen


"We are obsessed with the material part. It’s almost a passion for us to create something that embodies a slow pace."

Space Copenhagen is a design studio that works across multiple disciplines from furniture, lighting and refined objects, to art installations, art direction and interior design for private homes, hotels and restaurants all over the world.

Their ambition is to forge new paths by balancing opposites in their exploration of duality and contrast — sculptural and minimal, classic and modern, industrial and organic, light and shade.

An approach they call Poetic Modernism.

Established in 2005 by Signe Bindslev Henriksen and Peter Bundgaard Rützou, their intuitive approach to design is shaped by the given circumstances, functional needs and a fundamental interest in human behavior. Involving their belief in a slow aesthetic that focuses on quality and longevity.

Space Copenhagen boast a roster of high-end interiors on an international level. Most notably, their award-winning design for 11 Howard Hotel in New York and The Stratford in London, along with highly-acclaimed destination restaurants Geist, Geranium and the first Noma in Copenhagen, among others.