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Spine Lounge Suite Chair Petit - Leather 88 Primo / Black lacquered oak

Model 1711 - By Space Copenhagen


Spine Lounge Suite Chair Petit

Spine Lounge is designed for lounge areas in places such as gourmet restaurants, where the furniture must match a culinary or professional quality experience and at the same time serve as the setting for a social and relaxed atmosphere. The furniture is designed in a casual style with open sides, without armrests – combined with a generous use of materials and subtle upholstery details.



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Select model

Spine Lounge comes in different variations with a wide variety of materials and sizes.

Meet the designer

Space Copenhagen is a design studio that works across multiple disciplines from furniture, lighting and refined objects, to art installations, art direction and interior design for private homes, hotels and restaurants all over the world.

Their ambition is to forge new paths by balancing opposites in their exploration of duality and contrast — sculptural and minimal, classic and modern, industrial and organic, light and shade.
Portrait of the danish design duo Space Copenhagen
Portrait of the danish design duo Space Copenhagen

Space Copenhagen

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Product impact

At Fredericia, we strive to continue our heritage of purposeful and sustainable design, creating modern originals that encourage human well-being wherever people live, work or relax.

Refreshable cover

This furniture is designed with interchangeable fabric covers, which can be renewed in case of unexpected damage.

Spine Lounge Collection by Space Copenhagen, Fredericia Furniture
Spine Lounge Collection by Space Copenhagen, Fredericia Furniture

Crafted to last

Fredericia offers an extended warranty of 7 years on this product. If kept well, the life expectancy of this product is 40+ years.

Responsible forestry

The wood used for this furniture comes from responsibly managed FSC®-certified forests and other controlled sources.


Here you can access and download all project files and assets.

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