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In the home of Irenie Cossey

For Dublin-born Irenie Cossey, her home is a haven of heart and soul. Influenced by her many years as a design consultant, interior architect, and curator, she prioritizes creating an environment with a harmonious mix of design classics, modern objects, and contemporary art.

I view the home as a stage set. I hold onto the past and reflect on the memories that objects contain. The home is diverse, and I am constantly changing spaces and settings, always experimenting with ideas, materials, and curation.

Irenie Cossey

An aesthetic and functional approach to interior

Irenie lives and works in an expanded Victorian terraced house in North London, a property she and her husband, Adam, an architect, meticulously renovated. The house not only serves as a showcase for her interior design studio, Irenie Studio, but also as a place where they can unwind with family and entertain friends. Each room here tells its own story, and the furniture isn't merely decorative objects; rather, they are carefully selected components contributing to a larger narrative.

With over twenty years of experience in architecture, design, colour and styling, as well as curation, Irenie has collaborated with prominent design studios such as Barber Osgerby and consulted for leading brands like Mutina and Vitra. Her approach to design and interior decoration is deeply rooted in creating spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and enriching for those who live there. 

The story and craftsmanship

Irenie reflects, "My approach to interior decoration and design is to create a meaningful and comfortable environment for those who inhabit it. I prefer to introduce texture and colours into a space that result from thoughtful spatial decisions. I craft a narrative that often culminates in a unique colour accent or an element that surprises the eye.

My Wegner J16 Rocking Chair was a gift from my mother when my eldest daughter, Olivia, was born 19 years ago. The winter was cold, and many nights were spent rocking in the chair during the dark December evenings. The rocking chair has been with us through three homes since then and has graced most rooms in our current home. I plan to pass it on to my children when they have their children. The Rocking Chair holds onto time and history, growing even more beautiful with age.

Each piece of furniture has its own story - a place, a time, a moment of infatuation. I love my collection of furniture and objects, coexisting in harmony, almost as if it were destined." 

Timeless elegance meets craftsmanship perfection

The J16 Rocking Chair, conceived in 1944, marked one of Hans J. Wegner's pioneering ventures into production. Combining form and function, this iconic piece has stood the test of time, retaining its allure over the decades. Boasting a timeless aesthetic and meticulous craftsmanship, it guarantees enduring delight and comfort. 

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