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Model 3398 - By Nanna Ditzel



When designing the Trinidad Chair in 1993, Nanna Ditzel found inspiration in the elaborate fretwork from the Gingerbread Facades that she had seen in colonial architecture while travelling through Trinidad. Much like the facades, the cut-out fretwork of the chair triggers an interplay of light and shadows, creating a pattern projected into space and a subtle sense of motion.



Beech nordic blue, FSC Mix 70%


The Trinidad Chair comes in different variations with a wide variety of materials and sizes.

Meet the designer

Known as “Grand dame of Danish design”, Nanna Ditzel (1923-2005), with her postmodernist attitude and rebellion against tradition, became a leading figure in the renewal of Danish design in the 1990s, well after her 70th birthday.

Ditzel was not only strikingly ambitious but progressive and forward-looking for her time. Highly occupied with our ways of sitting, she believed comfortable furniture paved the way for new ways of thinking and living, having an incredible ability to transform an artistic thought into highly functional and usable furniture.

Nanna Ditzel sitting in the Trinidad Chair
Nanna Ditzel sitting in the Trinidad Chair

Nanna Ditzel

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A poetic design pushing the limits

In 2023 the Trinidad Chair celebrated its 30th anniversary. Being one of Nanna Ditzel's most significant commercial successes, the Trinidad Chair has stood the test of time and is still relevant today.

Simple ways to make your Trinidad last for generations




Lacquered surfaces are easy to clean and highly resistant to dust and dirt.

However, a lacquered surface is difficult to restore once ruined. Therefore, you must immediately wipe off any spilled liquids, as they will otherwise be absorbed into the tiny cracks in the varnish and create blotches.


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