Post Chair

By Cecilie Manz , 2019

With its upright stance and solid wood frame, the Post Chair embodies the principles of simplicity that drive designer Cecilie Manz. Cleverly constructed with a minimal use of space for the arms yet a comfortably wide seat, the Post Chair looks clean and crisp. A welcome addition to any restaurant, hotel, private home or corporate setting, it features a plywood seat and back to add subtlety, available in an upholstered seat version in leather or fabric.

Material Options
Post Chair
Post Chair - Model 3445
W: 54 cm
D: 49,5 cm
H: 79,5 cm
Wt: 5 kg
Cbm: 0.25 cbm
Sh: 45 cm
Post Chair
Post Chair - Model 3446
Seat upholstered  
W: 54 cm
D: 49,5 cm
H: 79,5 cm
Wt: 6 kg
Cbm: 0.25 cbm
Sh: 46,5 cm

About The Collection

The Post Collection is an example of eliminating anything extra in order to solely focus on the essential. For designer Cecilie Manz, creating is about examining the purpose of a piece of furniture. Stripping the concept down to only what’s necessary, the form emerges from the function in an expression that’s pure and purposeful.

It’s this simplicity imbued with a sense of beauty that is at the core of the new Post Collection from Manz. The name is a nod to the former home of the Royal Mail, renovated into our flagship showroom in Copenhagen Clean, uncluttered lines are the signature traits of the Post Table and Post Chair, each boasting a solid wood frame that reflects our heritage of wood craftsmanship and appreciation for authentic materials.

The Post Chair is upright and unassuming, with clean, classic lines. The plywood seat and back are light yet sturdy, while the arms offer just enough support with a minimal use of space. Add to that the option of an upholstered seat in leather or fabric, and you have a subtle design that could easily fit into a residential setting, restaurant, café or corporate environment.

The perfect partner is the Post Table, featuring a long rectangular table top and matching cylindrical legs. The solid wood frame provides a stable structure for the streamlined table top available in solid oak. Given the placement of the legs on either end, the result is loads of leg room. An extra advantage to the appeal of this practical table versatile enough to accommodate your need for dining or working, whether in a private, corporate or hospitality venue.

The Post Collection reflects our shared passion for a clean, crisp, uncluttered aesthetic, where each piece involves beautifully crafted wood in proportions that naturally suit the human body.

Cecilie Manz



With discreet and playful aesthetics, Cecilie’s work demonstrates that functional details are able to create the aesthetic essence of an object in a subtle way. Early recognition of her contribution to Danish design began with the "Micado", table designed for Fredericia in 2004.

After graduation from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts - The School of Design in 1997, additionally studying at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki, Cecilie Manz founded her own studio in Copenhagen in 1998. Here, Cecilie Manz designs furniture, glass, lamps and related products, mainly for the home.

In addition to her work with industrial products, her experimental prototypes and more sculptural one-offs make up an important part of her work and approach:

“I view all my works as fragments of one big, ongoing story where the projects are often linked or related in terms of their idea, materials and aesthetics, across time and function. My work has always revolved around simplicity, the process of working toward a pure, aesthetic and narrative object.”

Cecilie is recipient of the Thorvald Bindesbøll Medal 2011, the Bruno Mathsson Prize 2009, Kunstpreis Berlin 2008, the Finn Juhl Architectural Prize 2007, The Furniture Prize 2007, the Three-Year Working Grant from the Danish Arts Foundation and several other grants.