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Madklubben Home of Carlsberg

Madklubben Home of Carlsberg is a piece of Danish history and cultural heritage in the iconic Carlsberg Brewery, built in 1847 atop Valby Hill. The restaurant blends the raw with the refined in an atmosphere steeped in history and modern aesthetics.  

The interior decoration emphasises the venue's industrial character through its design choices. The remarkable copper brewing tanks work both as a homage to traditional techniques and serves as elegant objects. 

Even within the expansive spaces of the restaurant, the natural light and carefully selected furnishings create an intimate atmosphere of presence and warmth. Scattered throughout the restaurant are a series of Børge Mogensen's furniture pieces, where guests can settle comfortably around the elegant C18 Shaker tables and likewise take a seat in the iconic J39 chair in various colours, the Mogensen Bench or the Søborg chairs. Together with Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby's simple Plan Chairs, they foster an ambience deeply rooted in tradition while embracing the innovative and modern.  

Adjacent to the dining area, the restaurant offers a lounge area with soft seating, ideal for relaxation and socialising. Here, the cosiness is framed by sofas and armchairs from Hugo Passos' Gomo Collection, which adds a homely touch in conjunction with The Spanish Chair and various Pon Tables

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