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Restaurant Bobe

Located in the historic Gråbrødretorv at the heart of Copenhagen is Restaurant Bobe, where the renowned chef and restaurateur Bo Bech has taken residence in the iconic premises formerly occupied by Restaurant Peder Oxe. 

The restaurant sets the stage for a culinary oasis, seamlessly combining an international vibe with a homely cosiness, reflecting Bo Bech's avant-garde approach to gastronomy. 

The historic premises from the 16th century have been newly restored by the architectural duo Atelier Axo, comprising Caroline Sillesen and Rose Hermansen. They have established themselves as one of Denmark's most innovative design firms, particularly renowned for their contributions to architecture and design.

With an emphasis on a minimalist style, the interior draws inspiration from medieval Copenhagen, incorporating open fireplaces and seamlessly integrating them with natural tones and meticulously chosen wooden furnishings.   

The J39 chair by Børge Mogensen is a prominent feature throughout the restaurant, adding an elegant touch with its simple, warm and functional design. These chairs carry a significant history, originating from the previous restaurant, hence introducing a sustainable dimension to the decor.

In the remaining interior, a collection of timeless and sophisticated furniture, including Mogensen's 2333 Sofa and The Spanish Chair, alongside Keiji Takeuchi's Seto Stool, contributes to an atmosphere of refined elegance and understated luxury. The same principle applies to Maria Bruun's Pioneer Collection, where stools of varying heights adorn the restaurant, combining excellent seating comfort and flexibility with a sculptural touch.  

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