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Seto Stool - Oak light oil / Natural canvas

Model 6402 - By Keiji Takeuchi


Seto Stool

The Seto Stool is an elegant design combining proud Scandinavian and Japanese craft traditions. Inspired by Børge Mogensen's design philosophy, the solid oak and canvas stool exudes simplicity while revealing a profound understanding of the craft. Harmoniously combining heritage and modernity. Named after Seto Ōhashi, Japan's longest bridge, Takeuchi’s stool features a distinctive H-structure echoing the bridge’s graceful profile, creating a refined and contemporary design.



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Meet the designer

Keiji Takeuchi is a furniture and industrial designer with a truly global outlook. Japanese-born, Milan-based, New Zealand-bred and Paris-educated, his work transcends any culture or language, characterised by its purity and the absence of superfluous elements. Takeuchi sees simplicity as the path to sophistication and believes that among all designed objects, furniture has the most potential to influence people’s views on their lives.

Portrait image of Keiji Takeuchi
Portrait image of Keiji Takeuchi

Keiji Takeuchi

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Seto Stool in Natural Canvas and solid oak by Keiji Takeuchi
Seto Stool in Natural Canvas and solid oak by Keiji Takeuchi

Seto Stool combines past and present designs

At first glance, the solid oak and canvas stool is a simple design focusing on appearance and material. Still, a closer look reveals that a great deal of care and thought has gone into the design, drawing from historical references and knowledge of the craft. The name Seto refers to the architectural and engineering masterpiece Seto Ōhashi, Japan's longest bridge connecting the main islands of Honshu and Shikoku. The bridge's graceful profile is evident in Takeuchi's stool with its distinctive H-structure, creating a refined and contemporary design.

Takeuchi’s approach was to combine past and present designs to capture the unique design universe he perceives at Fredericia. The idea behind Seto is to transfer the mood and design language from two of Børge Mogensen's iconic creations, The Spanish Chair and Canvas Chair, which Takeuchi considers unique masterpieces and an integral part of the essence of Fredericia. The Seto Stool brings this design narrative into a contemporary context with flexibility that caters to the needs of many smaller homes and the growing demand for versatility in our furniture.

Product Impact

At Fredericia, we strive to continue our heritage of purposeful and sustainable design, creating modern originals that encourage human well-being wherever people live, work or relax.

Solid wood

This furniture is made from solid wood that stores carbon and – if kept well – will get a beautiful patina. As needed, the surfaces can be sanded down and restored by skilled locals anywhere in the world.

Responsible forestry

The wood used for this furniture comes from responsibly managed FSC®-certified forests and other controlled sources.

Crafted to last

Fredericia offers an extended warranty of 7 years on this product. If kept well, the life expectancy of this product is 40+ years.


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